If you read my earlier post on zoom fatigue you know I’m always looking for ways to combat it.

Now that people are coming up on their one year anniversary of doing their communication 100% virtually, Jeremy Bailenson recently put out an article in the journal Technology, Mind and Behavior

This series looks at software development life cycles from the inception of Waterfall to HCDAgile practiced at 1904labs.

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It all started with a big bang

In August 1949 the Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb. Now that a single plane from the Soviet Union could drop a nuclear bomb on the U.S…

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Frequent Virtual Workshops are Exhausting

The prevalent viewpoint among engineers is that meetings are a waste of time or at best a necessary evil. Before COVID, when my team was physically together we would find ways to make our scrum workshops enjoyable. …

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COVID-19 has thrust us all into a remote-only way of working. With this new way of working comes new challenges we’re all experiencing. Here are some changes my agile team made to transition to a completely remote environment.

Updated our Team Agreement

Empathy leads to Better Software
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I build software, but actually, I build tools for effective communication, so I spend a lot of my time thinking about how we interact and communicate with each other.

I ask a lot of questions. It’s the only way I know to build a great product.

Through questions, I build…

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In today’s remote world, communicating your software ideas has never been harder. While you may have an idea of what you want, conveying it to others requires extra thought and work.

You have to be really explicit in how you describe things.

As a software creator you’re like a chef…

Today I fixed my broken sump pump. It reminded me how my job as an Agile Engineering Lead at 1904labs is similar to the job of a sump pump.

On my way into my laundry room I saw a puddle of water. I cleaned it up and saw it reappear…

Niarcas Jeffrey

I write about managing software teams and building software products through human-centered and agile processes.

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